On Love and Animals by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.

This is a refreshing book about nature and the beautiful lessons it teaches us. The author is very knowledgeable about fishing techniques, fly tying, and species procreation. I don’t think that many in our day have the depth of knowledge he has on this subject or about nature itself. He introduces the reader to a world full of olden day mannerisms and life. I enjoyed the book for all of the information passed on through real life stories of real people.

Maxwell will enchant his readers with old personal stories about:

Horseshoes, a game that many youngsters don’t even know exists.

Saltwater salmon fishing, ice fishing, and why would a fish wear a wedding ring?

Classes on how to make flies and which one to use to get a bite.

Skunks, an animal only seen dead in our roads today.

Coon hunting, the real animals in their own habitat.

Duck hunting, bull frogs, and earthworms and how they can get you in a lot of trouble.

Healing a crow, and lessons on the life of bees.

The proper way to trap woodchucks to help a neighbor and earn some money.

A crazy bull that destroyed a garden and a moose sighting in a tranquil town.

The story of an owl and the lesson he learned.

On Love and Animals also has real life experiences like a father out of job because of an accident, an uncle who drinks too much, falling in love, losing your girl friend and finding another, only to have her gone forever. You can find many parallels between real life and the life in nature through this book.

I would say that many real young adult nature fans will find On Love and Animals a source of wisdom in an art almost lost in this technological age. They will enjoy fun stories to be shared on a camping trip with their families or in scout groups. I would like to see this book in all of the recreation and park visitors’ centers stores where it can be found by those who would love it the best.

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