***** stars for “Far from Perfect” by Rebecca Bryan

This is an excellent book that deals with the main character’s alcoholic addiction. Rebecca presents a well-done tale of true experiences of many real life addicts, played by fictional characters. It is a difficult subject that Bryan researched and wrote about very tastefully, in an inspiring kind of way. I enjoyed the trip with Cass and her nonfunctional family, all the way to the last page.

Cass is just twenty-years-old and has seen a lot of pain in her short life. When she was a teen her little brother died, and each member of the family blamed themselves. They never talk about it. In Cass’s case, she resorts to alcohol and pretty soon her life takes a nosedive.

The judge sends her to rehabilitation and takes her driver’s license away. She has to go back to her parent’s home because she has been living in her rental storage unit.

All seems bleak and horrible, especially when her addiction makes her feel like a looser. To top it all off, the young man she has been in-love with since fourteen is seeing a gorgeous girl. What can she expect, after all she is broken and no one will want to drag her baggage. All of this sets her back, makes her want to drown in the alcohol she still doesn’t believe is that bad for her.

The story is positive and inspiring. The romance is clean and fabulous and redemption is attainable. All these attributes make for a page-turner and a great read. I recommend this book to all, from preteens to adults. They all will benefit from the theme and telling.

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