Descriptions in Your Book

You have to have descriptions in your book so that the reader will be able to have some background on where or why your character is in a place or a situation.

We already talked about using dialogue for this purpose and that is a great way. Now I want to tell you about another way that you can get ideas of how to use descriptions properly.

Get the fantasy books that you like and read them with a notebook and a pencil or a laptop next to you.

You need to title the pages of your notebook or columns in the computer as follows:

· Feelings

· People descriptions

· Animal descriptions

· Battles

· Places

· Clothing

· Misc.

and any other categories that you might use in your stories. My list contains: Fire-Weapons-Weather-Titles and many others. Why? Because I write in a medieval fantasy world and I use these items to create scenes that feel real.

Now you are ready to start reading. When you like or dislike a description of: feelings, people, animals, battles, places etc. you are going to get ideas of how you could say the same idea or say it better in your own words. (Don’t use the author’s words, that is don’t plagiarize.) Write the new ideas down and keep a file of them.

What are you going to do with your new files of ideas?

After you put down the whole outline of your story you will start at the beginning of your list to see if any of the ideas you filed from the other books can be used in your new settings.

I start with one column and go from the first idea to the last and then move to the next column and do the same throughout my story. I usually know where I want to put each idea and use my word processor’s FIND feature to locate what I want easily. Read the piece incorporating the new idea from your list aloud and see if it feels great, if not take it out and move back to your list of ideas to find a new one. Continue this process until you have finished your whole story.  This system will give you a great way to create a killer story.

Now go, and happy writings to you…

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