Braving the Blaze by Cindy Christiansen

What a delightful story full of courage, friendship, and romance that kept glued to the pages. It is a well-rounded, clean, fun and informative tale all in one.

Ginger is a beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her. Her only problems are phobias. She has a few phobias; the worst is that she is scared to death of fire. And event with fire four years earlier changed her life, and destroyed her family. Now she decides to confront her fears and joins in fighting a huge dangerous fire. She figures that she can help with food and bottled water—that is until she gets there and she is sent to work behind the fire.

Dean is a veterinarian student in his last year of school. He finances his collage by combating fires every summer. Everything has worked well until this huge fire happens and he is forced to partner with a woman. He is sure she will be the death of him.

Here you will find a fantastic story line with a great pace, and action that will delight any reader of clean romances.

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