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***** stars for “Far from Perfect” by Rebecca Bryan

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

This is an excellent book that deals with the main character’s alcoholic addiction. Rebecca presents a well-done tale of true experiences of many real life addicts, played by fictional characters. It is a difficult subject that Bryan researched and wrote about very tastefully, in an inspiring kind of way. I enjoyed the trip with Cass and her nonfunctional family, all the way to the last page.

Cass is just twenty-years-old and has seen a lot of pain in her short life. (more…)

Heaven or Hell by Roni Teson; A readers favorite review

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Here is a must have story for every home with normal people. The theme is well researched and the author portrays a very nice view of life and death. Roni relates a fictitious story and turns it into a possibility for many. This is a hard subject made easy by the author who writes in a form that many people will connect with.

Joe is a recovered alcoholic and has only a few days left before he dies. His chosen life has wrought havoc on his body. Now he is in the advanced stages of cirrhosis with no way out. For many years he has hidden behind alcohol to relieve the pain he feels due to losing his youngest daughter in a car accident and, (more…)

From Here to Everlasting by Carla Roeder/

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

This is and interesting tale about a woman who has too much on her shoulders to let her be free. Maggie works in a rest home she loves and is loved in return. One day her loving grandmother, who died some time before, decides that Maggie needed help to get on with her life. (more…)