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Patricia is a computer whiz, Zoe and Xander, the twins, are inventors, Nickie is a mathematician, Sally is their administrator and Chas is the leader

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019
Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency
Marc Morgenstern
YA, Teen Mystery
Zoe, Xander, Nickie, Patricia and Sally make up the Sherlock Jr.
Detective Agency. Even though they are only 12 years old, each one of
them possess their own unique specialty. Patricia is a computer whiz,
Zoe and Xander, the twins, are inventors, Nickie is a mathematician,
Sally is their administrator and Chas is the leader. In this
adventure, they are hired by Skids, the local skate boarding champ,
to find his missing dog Casper which was stolen out right of his back
yard in broad daylight. Suspecting foul play their detective skills
and the Sherlock Jr. Network in the neighborhood. They must put their
best foot forward to solve the crime before time runs out and the
kidnapped Casper is sold on an auction web site to the highest
.99 cents**
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Morgenstern has been a part of the film industry for at least 25
years, but became a serious writer/director in 2004 when he shot his
first feature film, The Vampire Conspiracy, that went on to receive
worldwide distribution. In addition, it has been translated into four
languages and sold in Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Target, and more. It
launched Fangoria’s, the nations largest resource for horror
fiction’s online streaming service Fangoria TV, and during its
release was searched in the top 700 searched movies on
After it was turned into a graphic novel, it won a silver medal at
the 2010 Independent Publishing Awards.



then, Marc has achieved international recognition with his Cannes
Lions Shortlisting commercial “Poker Face”, that either
placed or won in 10 different award shows.



of Marc’s greatest industry accomplishments was as the creator of the
variety show HouseCapades with Mike Bullard, and achieved the #1 show
of its kind in its time slot and ran for over 250 episodes, one of
the longest running television shows in Canadian history.



that, he ended up becoming the Broadcasting Creative Director at Avid
Life Media, where he created and produced over 80 international
commercials for over 30 markets and directed the documentary Affairs
Across America. With Avid Life Media, Marc has written and developed
a variety show, a reality show, two feature films and a



is no stranger to directing children. He also created the three
award-winning nationally renown live-action shorts titled: Operation:
LabBrats. In 2013 Marc moved to California where he immediately went
into production, writing and directing the feature film ‘Vitals’ with
Christopher Showerman, Charlene Amoia, Tim Russ, Claudia Wells and
Sachin Mehta.



currently lives in Burbank, CA with his loving wife Tanya.


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The outcasts are adrift–they have a mission but no means to fulfill it

Thursday, February 1st, 2018
of the Worlds
of the Worlds Book 1
Lucas Paynter
Cosmic Fantasy
confidence man. A liar. A monster. Flynn has seen himself for what he
really is and has resolved to pay for everything. Even if it means
spending the rest of his days locked in Civilis, a tower prison for
society’s unwanted – “half-humans” gifted by the fallout of
nuclear holocaust centuries past.



a prisoner in the neighboring cell, has different ideas and despite
himself, Flynn finds himself joining her daring escape. After
rescuing her friend Mack, the three flee Civilis as Flynn pieces
together the hours before his capture and finds himself drawn to an
abandoned facility where a rift to another world opens at his



they will venture farther beyond the stars than humanity ever
imagined, find others like them that will never belong, and tangle
with forces both ancient and immortal. They stand alone, hated and
scorned – and the last hope of making things right in a cosmos gone
terribly wrong.


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Traitors & Runaways
of the Worlds Book 2
reality nears its final days, worlds fall to ruin. A benevolent god
is shackled, and when freed, will create a new one … allowing only
the pure of heart. A company of seven have united on a bloody quest
to stop him, but have little hope of emerging victorious.



outcasts are adrift–they have a mission but no means to fulfill it.
Airia Rousow, the fallen goddess who set them on their path, is gone.
Guardian Poe, her intended successor, believes deification will
absolve him of his sins and his remorse alike. And Zella Renivar,
daughter of the Living God, is still hunted by her father’s agents,
drawing danger on them all.



in this storm, Flynn is able to find and open the ways between
worlds, but cannot discern which path is the right one. Since losing
the trust of his closest friend, the temptation to fall back on his
former, deceitful ways with grows with every crisis he faces.


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Guess PostWhat’s In A Name?

Character names are something of an interesting beast, to me. There’s an underlying temptation to lace them with meaning (try to name someone ‘Hope’ without lacing them into the grand meaning of the plot), but I have a particular interest in the sound of the name. As in, does this name ‘sound’ right to the character wielding it and the world they’re a part of.

Within the first chapter of Outcasts of the Worlds, I introduce the trio of Flynn, Jean and Mack. Fairly basic names, within reason, and in the initial chapters to follow, the most notable characters they encounter are a mercenary group trying to capture them, named as Rebecca, Gilroy, Colin, and Doc (fun fact, Doc’s name really is Doc; his parents had very specific hopes for him). So nothing special there.

But by the fourth chapter, we’ve left the Earth which Outcasts begins on, and entered foreign territory. With the advent of other worlds, it wouldn’t make as much sense to stick with Earth conventional names, even if what we consider to be a common name by our culture might be a rarity in a different part of the planet.

As such, I hit something of an odd impasse.

A general rule I’ve relied on when naming a character is just finding something unfamiliar that sounds good. It probably sounds antithetical, but I’m seldom concerned with placing some deeper meaning in a name, and more finding one that fits the tone of a character. I suppose my rationale is something to the effect of thinking that when a parent names their child, they have little more design to place them as the hope of humanity or ensure their name sounds like that of a conniving thief or what-have-you.

Characters that appeared in my book such as Zaja DeSarah or Leria Rujet were named such cause I liked the sound of them.

Now, conversely, some characters had Earth-rooted names, and as Outcasts developed, I wanted to move away from those, while still keeping the spirit of who they were alive. A girl shows up in the fifth chapter of Outcasts originally named Jessica (Jessi for short), and from a desire to keep Jessica close to who she was, her name permutated into Chariska (Chari for short), sounding close enough to the old name that I didn’t feel I was losing track of it, or her.

I don’t know if I can say that Chariska Jerhas will be the same woman that Jessica Jerhas would have been when all is said and done. Things sometimes happen when writing that you don’t plan at the beginning but feel right at the end, and it’s possible the tone of a character’s name can affect that, even without meaning to.

This isn’t to say I’ve abandoned Earth-based names entirely off-world, just that I try to use them sparingly. They can help make a character seem less alien on the offset, which could as easily make them relatable as a different kind of scary. Besides that, and to sum up: the way I see it, John is a common enough name … is it so unthinkable that an alien culture might come to the same syllabically simple conclusion?

Aubrey Paynter hails from the mythical land of Burbank, California,
where there are most likely no other writers at all.
in 2014, he published
of the Worlds
and he’s now releasing its follow-up,
Traitors, & Runaways
fan of gray-area storytelling and often a devil’s advocate, Lucas
enjoys consuming stories from a variety of mediums, believing there’s
no limit to what form a good narrative can take.
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