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The Gilded Butterfly a Review

Friday, January 10th, 2014

A review for readers


The Gilded Butterfly by B. M. Song is the cutest little story I have seen for awhile. It is a book to be read on mom’s lap to her small children. This cutely written story can be used to teach small children about God and his loves for His creations. It is well done with age level appropriate words and great characters to like.

All is hushed in the forest as the inhabitants await the birth of a special being. Finally the newcomer wakes and stretches forth her colorful wings to the awe of those around her. Many wish that they could be as beautiful as she and wish her happiness.

When the creator comes down and presents Bella as His creation all reverence him. With the promise that she can call on Him whenever she needs to, the creator leaves.

But all is not happy in the forest…the mean and ugly serpent has also come to see this new creature. He wants her for himself.

This is a good book to have in every home to help mom’s and grandmas keep little kids happy. It is very cute and I will think that girls will find it very appealing. I would love to see the drawings for this book. I am sure they will complement the cute story.