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Jaleta Clegg author’s Interview and giveaway

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

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Jaleta welcome to my blog. How long have you been writing?


I’ve been telling myself stories since I was little. But somewhere along the way, people told me I was a talentless hack and I was dumb enough to believe them. But one summer, about twenty years ago, I got desperate for something more intellectually stimulating than watching another episode of Barney with my kids. We’d just bought our first computer. It came with a word processor. I sat down and started writing. And promptly got addicted to it.

Tell us where you were born and where you live now.

I was born in New Mexico, but moved to Utah when I was little. I’ve stayed here ever since.

How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?

Write it. If it starts to flow, I know it’s working. If the characters and plot (more…)

Meet My Character blog hop

Monday, August 25th, 2014

I was invited to this “Meet My Character blog hop” by Carol Anne Olsen Malone


Her Bio:

Carol’s bio: Carol Malone has found a magical key for successfully combining her three passions – romance, sports, and writing in her highly rated book, “Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night.” With “Ladies Night,” she became the first woman to punch her way into the suspenseful, male-dominated genre of pulp boxing with a tender love story. Since then she has written numerous stories to entice readers to scramble into a front row seat for a power-packed thrill-ride of romance and sports action.

Look for her novella “Hot Corner Magic” to be published in a pulp sports anthology in the next month or two and a Christmas visit to “Ladies Night” at Christmas time.

If not hammering out new tales, Carol is reading, watching sports or the Food Network on TV, or hanging with her sci-fi author husband on the Coast of California. Come visit her website and chat with her about sports and amour.




Her character blog hop link is:


My Character’s Interview: 

1) Anna what is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person? (more…)

“Sorceress” Chronicles of the Daemon Knights by David Korinetz a review

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Review for

This book was a treat to read. It is well written and the story is charming and interesting. It moves quickly and keeps you glued to the pages at every turn. (more…)

Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

A review for readers

Light & Darkness: The Awakening of the Mageknight, is a great tale that will entertain you from the first pages. I like the fun journey that this tale took me on. I found Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight a great clean story and an original tale that will keep you interested to the end.

Danny has started school and he is walking with his friend Alonso toward the front door. As he goes through, a new girl comes by and Danny is so mesmerized by her that she thinks he is holding the door open for her.

After a few days, he finally knows her name and where her locker is. One afternoon, a bully tries to get Danny to fight him. To his surprise, Danny discovers a white ghostly figure emerging from the bully that shows him the moves the bully will make before he does them. Thanks to that, Danny wins in front of many in the school including the new girl, Sabrina.

The problem arises as a teacher observed them fighting and Danny has to stay after school. After many pages of writing essays for the principal, Danny goes out to wait for his mom and the sure punishment that she will inflict. In the dark corridor he sees movements and decide to follow something shadowlike until he gets outside to the Playground. Then a big creature that shouldn’t even exist hears him, and he is in more trouble than with his mom.

This is a very nice read for kids. Though I did like the story, plot and magic it contains, the story needs editing to make it smooth. This will clean the story and cut some of the repetitions too. The page count is a bit high for kids. They don’t have that long attention span. Good story and plot, it just need polish.