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These are stories of pain, sufferance, but also hope, optimism, joy for life and above all love

Monday, April 20th, 2020


Bright Yellow Souls
by Luca Favaro
Genre: Fiction Short Stories
Kevin was only a teenager when he decided to escape from his past, studying as a nurse. He didn’t expect to discover that he would become a person able to give and receive so much love. These are stories of pain, sufferance, but also hope, optimism, joy for life and above all love. And between the lines, the silent presence of God, who through Kevin, takes care of the sick bodies of those wonderful people; and through them, He takes care of Kevin’s suffering soul.
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Luca Favaro lives in Thousand Oaks, California. He’s an Italian writer and a Registered Nurse. In Italy he published four books; three short story anthologies, and the novel “Il tempo senza ore”. He won several literary prizes, and from his novel was made a theater show: “Il tempo senza ore show”. He moved from Venice to Thousand Oaks on 2019.
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Celyet finds nothing more terrifying than being misued or misinterpreted by people

Thursday, May 17th, 2018
Stars That Rise at Dawn
Å ehhinah
Book 1
Ivana Skye
Genre: Urban Fantasy
had always had trouble making friends. So he didn’t expect that
he’d have such an easy time befriending Lucifer…



his one previous friend Elīya is still not over the loss of the
third member of their friend group, Tamar. She disappeared one day to
become one of God’s Holy, and as far as Elīya’s concerned,
nothing’s ever been the same. It doesn’t help that her university
philosophy program is turning out much less interesting than she’d



could be that Yenatru’s weird new friend has just the skills she
needs to solve all her problems. But in order to get Lucifer’s
help, she’ll have to confront parts of herself she’s never dared


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Birds That Fly at Dusk
Å ehhinah
Book 2


been trying to keep her head low ever since she left the camp of
demons she grew up in. But then she actually talks to a barista at
the local coffee shop. And then an angel gets involved…




finds nothing more terrifying than the idea of being misued or
misinterpreted by people. That’s why she hasn’t been talking to
anyone for half a year. But when she challenges herself to visit
somewhere in town she’s never been, she ends up making a terrible
mistake, bringing her time spent hiding to an abrupt end.


may work at a coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean they know how to
comfort people. But they really want to find a way to make a
difference for that sad-looking demon who keeps coming in.



just because the shop’s owned by the angel Jibril doesn’t mean
that they’re going to stop by anytime soon and start flinging puns
at people … right?



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Lives That Argue For Us
Å ehhinah
Book 3


and Kjorel have been in an open relationship for years. But when
Kjorel leaves to travel for eight months, Teśena doesn’t really
have anyone else to turn to. Well, except the most powerful person in
the world…




Everyone knows God
is made of fire. So of course no one would ever suggest that the
easily-overwhelmed Teśena try praying to Them. Then why, when Teśena
tries to do exactly that in a moment of desperation, do they seem to
get along so well?


On the other
side of the world, Kjorel’s dealing with a loneliness of his own.
That is, until he starts his visit to the city of Ä’nnuh, and finds a
boyfriend within a few days. With no way to contact Teśena, he can
only hope their previous agreements stand … or that Teśena will
improbably find a way to communicate with him anyway.



all, what’s a few thousand miles when you have God on your side?



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Skye is a disaster without a permanent address, who much like her
characters, spends a lot of time navigating the transition into
adulthood and screaming. Oh, and writing. She does a lot of that




Despite currently being in the middle of multiple months
of travel through various countries she is not from, she still
retains a strong connection to the state of Colorado, where she will
probably permanently live. Eventually.



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Ordinary Women Discovering an Extraordinary God

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Upheld: Ordinary women discovering an Extraordinary God

Life happens. Ordinary and extraordinary events fill the days and nights, but regardless of the circumstance, God is there. We’re five friends who, over the course of a decade, learned to recognize the heavenly touches in our lives. We share our stories in a series of short vignettes, as glimpses of the profound and practical ways God lifts us.

First as a newlywed and then as a young mother, Rebekah awakens to the daily light that comes from realizing how often and simply the Lord touches her life. Jeni nurtures a child with special needs and learns that strength and support are only a prayer away. Elizabeth forges a new path towards renewal and regeneration after she exits the roller coaster ride of her spouse’s addiction. Faith discovers the beauty of reminders from a loving Heavenly Father that she has worth and the precious gift of agency. Dawn opens her mind to the understanding that no matter what happens peace can abound and everything will work out.

In Upheld: Ordinary women discovering an Extraordinary God we invite you to walk with us, explore the nooks and crannies of life, and have joy in the knowledge that you are not forgotten. As you read, we hope you will also discover God upholding you in your own life.


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Five women have joined together under the pen name, Grace Lane, to write about their personal experiences in hopes to inspire and uplift others.  The following character sketches will give you a little insight about each author.

Writing about motherhood and her husband’s health struggles, Rebekah lives true to the meaning of her name—to bind. Life’s experiences have shaped her into a wise, steadfast daughter of God who has the beautiful ability to make others laugh through her clever wit.
Jeni’s stories revolve around the loving care of her son with special needs. Knowing that he will not live out his childhood, she’s armed with strength and determination to give him the best life possible. The bright hope Jeni finds through the Savior will encourage the lowest of hearts.
Elizabeth is passionate about sharing the Light of Christ. You’ll feel this in reading about the challenges she faces with her spouse’s addiction and divorce. Through sophistication, uplifting words, and a touch of spunk, she’s a modern-day disciple “gathering in the fold” and feeding His sheep.
A woman of intuition, Faith has a distinctive gift for understanding people. Her personal goal in life is to help women recognize their potential in whatever role they fill. She writes about her battle in overcoming abuse as a child and her fight with low self-esteem.

A single mom for ten years, Dawn not only believes the motto “Light trumps darkness”, but she lives it every day. Her short stories are about finding God after a heart-crushing divorce. Dawn touches many lives through her unwavering testimony and simple ways.

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From Rebekah:


1 – What got you into writing?


My wonderful elementary school teachers who hand-made little books so we could “publish” our stories.


2 – What message would you like your story to leave with the reader?


Use love and faith to defeat fear. Also, you’re not alone!


3 – What advice to do you have for other aspiring authors?


Write, write, write, and then get a great critique group.


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Mike fights the daily inward and outward battles to avoid prison becoming a permanent part of his future

Friday, October 13th, 2017


Mike Mabe is
a young man ready to graduate from high school, but ends up in prison instead.
Angry and confused, he wants a better life. 
Given a sentence of over a year, he
must learn how to cope with prison while discovering that better life. With the aid of his family and some unlikely relationships, he begins to find that better life. 
Based on a true story, Mike fights the daily inward and outward
battles to avoid prison becoming a permanent part of his future.



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Michael Mabe is no stranger to
adversity. As a young man recently graduated from high school, he was arrested for crimes he committed in his youth. While his friends were making plans to
attend college, he was sent to prison for a year and a half.
Thirteen years later, Michael has
completely changed the direction of his life. He is married, has three kids, graduated from college with a 3.7 GPA, and has experienced success as a professional. Change did not come without significant challenges.


The author of the biographical fiction,
entitled ‘Grace From The Fall,’ Michael
encourages people to be something better than the day before.



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Excerpt #3

‘Eighteen months to two years!’ I heard the sentence again. ‘Eighteen months to two years! More than ten-percent of my life. Longer than I have lived in any one location. Longer than…’

I stood up and began pacing. Five steps east, five steps west. Five steps east, five steps west.

I slapped my fist against an open hand. Thud, thud, thud.

 ‘Eighteen months to two years.’

Five steps east, five steps west. Five steps east, five steps west.

Thud, thud, thud.

 ‘Eighteen months to two years.’

Five steps east, five steps west. Five steps east, five steps west.

Thud, thud, thud.

Amid pacing, I heard a loud scream echo throughout my cell. It reverberated off the cell door, bounced around the walls, and, seeking for a place to diffuse, entered my ears and rattled my ear drums. It did not startle me, but I was surprised.

‘Where did that come from?’ I briefly wondered.

I suddenly realized the screaming was produced from my own lungs. As though my body were reacting to the notion of being caged for the next portion of its existence, it primed my lungs and shot the powerful sound up and out of my own mouth.

I walked over to the bed, lifted the mattress from the frame, and threw it hard against the door.

“Shut up!” I heard a muffled voice from down the hall. I ignored it.

I slammed the mattress against the door, then the adjacent wall. I punched it a few times, until my knuckles slit open from hitting exposed springs. I slammed it one last time against the door, letting it go altogether, and slumped to the ground.

I sat on my knees and rested the back of my head against the cold cinderblock. A bead of sweat trickled down my back and evaporated into the jumpsuit around my waist.

‘This is my life for a while now,’ I thought. ‘It’s all me, all alone.’

Mom’s words came to my mind. ‘God’s been with us so far. He won’t let us down now.’

“Some God!” I shouted, then bowed my head forward and rested it in the crook between my index finger and thumb.

I focused on breathing. If I focused inside my mind, I felt anguish. If I looked up, I was reminded of being alone. If I listened outward, I heard the sounds of prison. I focused on the steady rhythm of breathing.

‘Why can’t I feel God, if He’s with me?’ I thought.

Suddenly, I felt someone sit next to me and put an arm around my shoulder. Startled, I looked up. I saw nothing.

I looked at the door. I saw my mattress crumpled against it.

I looked to my side again and still saw nothing; however, the feeling remained – someone sitting next to me with an arm around my shoulder.

My mind calmed, the anguish dissipated into thin air, and I knew I was not alone. I felt peace. I felt that everything would be okay. I let my head fall forward and I sobbed silently to myself.



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Sisters of Survival Healing & deliverance by Katrina Cook

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
  • Katrina, how has your family background affected your writing, if it has?

    My family background affected my writing in the way of breaking free to be me and breaking free to live.

    What gave me the nerve to write my first book?

    It was an inspiration through God when I was (more…)

The Gilded Butterfly a Review

Friday, January 10th, 2014

A review for readers


The Gilded Butterfly by B. M. Song is the cutest little story I have seen for awhile. It is a book to be read on mom’s lap to her small children. This cutely written story can be used to teach small children about God and his loves for His creations. It is well done with age level appropriate words and great characters to like.

All is hushed in the forest as the inhabitants await the birth of a special being. Finally the newcomer wakes and stretches forth her colorful wings to the awe of those around her. Many wish that they could be as beautiful as she and wish her happiness.

When the creator comes down and presents Bella as His creation all reverence him. With the promise that she can call on Him whenever she needs to, the creator leaves.

But all is not happy in the forest…the mean and ugly serpent has also come to see this new creature. He wants her for himself.

This is a good book to have in every home to help mom’s and grandmas keep little kids happy. It is very cute and I will think that girls will find it very appealing. I would love to see the drawings for this book. I am sure they will complement the cute story.

Living Inside the Testimony by Betty Collier

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

This is a heartfelt personal testimony from a Christian woman and her hope to share it with others. When we have a personal testimony of something that has made us different in a happy way, we want to share it with any who may want to hear it. This book has done a great job of keeping this point of view in mind and, without force, lets other see and feel her spiritual journey. (more…)