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5 stars Review “Danny in a Newfangled World”

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

by D. M. Bileski

This is a very enjoyable story for kids in Kindergarten to fifth grade. It has cartoon drawings here and there to optimize visualization. The language is age appropriate, witty and fast moving. I like it because it is written in an easy English which will be a plus to help readers in a lower levels to read. The story is well developed and interesting for kids of that age.

Danny is a computer gamer and he is good at it. The only obstacles that keep him from more mature and fun games are his parents. He thinks, breaths and eats computer games—that is until one day while he is ten-years-old when he decides that the games have become boring. (more…)

Your kids don’t love books…help them

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Usually it takes motivated parents to get a kid to read.

For example, Monica has four boys and she started reading to them when they were babies. (more…)