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It’s 20th-century Czechoslovakia… and murder comes knocking

Sunday, June 14th, 2020



What inspired me to write ‘The Affliction of Praha’?

I have always loved mysteries books, classics from the likes of Agatha Christie are of course an inspiration, and more recently ‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ is equally excellent. As a UK citizen, I spent two years living in what is now Slovakia. The setting for my book is 1920s Czechoslovakia, and my time in the region certainly inspired me to create something a little bit different to the usual settings and countries we often find the genre written in. I would like to think that the mixture of a mystery story combined with a historical period, set in a location most readers will be unfamiliar with, should provide for a compelling read.

If you like gripping historical mysteries packed with brutal twists and turns, then you won’t want to miss this dramatic and period-perfect depiction of the early 20th-century in the heart of Europe.


The Blurb:

It’s 20th-century Czechoslovakia… and murder comes knocking.

The Teralov family are loved and respected by everyone in Prague, adored for bringing prosperity and hope to its downtrodden people… so nobody expected to find Peter Teralov inexplicably murdered in the streets.

To quell the uproar, expert Soviet detective Edgar Rollenvart soon finds himself tasked with hunting down the one responsible and bringing the killer to justice. He’s confident he can unravel the mystery behind Peter’s killing – despite the mysterious absence of evidence.

Teaming up with Peter’s brother, Edgar embarks on a twisting and impossible case that will take them through the streets and cities of early 1920s Czechoslovakia. As the number of suspects mounts and the evidence seems to go nowhere, Edgar soon realizes that the mystery behind this case runs far deeper than meets the eye…

If you like gripping historical mysteries packed with brutal twists and turns, then you won’t want to miss this dramatic and period-perfect depiction of the early 20th-century in the heart of Europe.

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Author Bio:


Simon Gillard is an author with a passion for mystery novels and history alike. He works as a Network Engineer in the IT industry, and he also spent two years in Slovakia, which inspired him to craft The Affliction of Praha and use the nation’s rich history as its setting. When not writing, Simon enjoys reading, motorbikes, skiing and music. He currently lives in London with his beautiful wife and their young daughter.

When one of the Travelers is found dead of unknown causes in an obscure Hong Kong museum, finding the killer becomes one of the most challenging cases

Monday, June 8th, 2020


David Harris Lang writes adventure thrillers set in Asia. 

He has lived and worked most of his life in various countries throughout the Asian region, and his writing is informed by his love and knowledge of the different cultures, foods, thought, and architecture of the different regions of Asia.

 ~ Website ~   

Four Irish Travelers from gypsy families journey to Western China to find the 3,000-year old mummified and bejewelled head of their Celtic ancestor. With a psychotic Japanese woman with Yakuza connections as their guide, their odyssey takes them to the Taklamakan Desert of Western China. 

When one of the Travelers is found dead of unknown causes in an obscure Hong Kong museum, finding the killer becomes one of the most challenging cases for Hong Kong homicide detectives Angela Cheung and Ian Hamilton as they match wits with the Russian mob, a Nigerian art smuggler, the Yakuza, and a murderous bare knuckle boxer.



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The street below the Travelers’ flat in Sham Shui Po was lined with local restaurants: narrow eateries with pungent aromas, chestnut-brown roast ducks hanging by their necks in the windows, steaming baskets of mysterious snacks displayed on rickety tables, and huge boiling vats of mahogany-colored soup with floating bits of tofu and scallions.
“Let’s try this one,” Jimmy said as the four strolled on a Saturday morning. A tank of giant salt-water clams next to the restaurant’s doorway obscenely felt their way around their glass prison with their long feet. Steam from baskets full of shrimp dumplings and pork buns tickled the Travelers’ nostrils.
“In there?” William asked. “What on earth are you planning to order in there? Probably would be a better idea for us to walk around until we find a McDonalds, I’d say.”
“We’ve got to eat in this strange land, William. I’m for goin’ local,” Jimmy said. He spun and entered the restaurant as one would jump abruptly into a cold ocean so that there was no time to reconsider. Margaret gave a shrug, and followed Jimmy in.
“Local it is then,” Clovis said to William, and they followed their mates.
As soon as they entered the restaurant a din of Cantonese enveloped them. Twelve round linoleum tables were squeezed into a space the size of a bareknuckle ring. Suddenly all conversation at the tables stopped. Clovis remembered old American Cowboy Western’s where a stranger walks into a saloon and all conversation halts; the only sound the swinging saloon doors squeaking on their hinges behind him.
A portly waitress wearing a stained apron approached. A snarl on her face, she made a ‘shooing’ gesture with her chubby hands as if to shoo away farm animals that had strolled accidently into her restaurant. Margaret, with a broad smile said, “Four please,” holding up four fingers. The waitress, seeing that the interlopers were intent on violating her domain, pointed gruffly at four empty seats at one of the crowded tables. The four foreigners sat down smiling and nodded at the other patrons. The vacillating tonal harmony of Cantonese conversations resumed as abruptly as they had stopped.
“The greeter is sort of a female King Kong, what?” Clovis said. “Wouldn’t want to be matched up with her in the ring.”
“King Kong for sure,” William said.
King Kong slapped a sheet of paper and a stubby pencil in front of Jimmy and sped off to deliver pots of tea and baskets of dim sum to other tables. Jimmy looked at the sheet of paper.
“It’s a menu I believe, there’s Chinese writing with boxes next to each line. I think we’re supposed to check off what we want with this pencil.”
“Slight problem there,” Clovis said.
Jimmy waved to a slightly built waiter passing their table. He looked at the unchecked piece of paper in Jimmy’s hand. Jimmy said, “Do you have a menu with pictures? We don’t read Chinese.” The boy said nothing and walked away.
“Yeah, well, looks like this is not workin’,” William said. “Shall we move on and search for a McDonalds?”
The waiter returned with a girl about eighteen years old, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and wearing a maroon apron. “I speak English,” the girl said. “Can I help you?”
“Brilliant!” Jimmy exclaimed. “We can’t read Chinese. Could you help us with the menu?”
The girl smiled, “Yeah, we don’t get many tourists in here. This is a dim sum menu. What kind of dim sum do you guys like?”
“We like any-sum kind of dim sum,” William quipped. “Why don’t you just bring us sum.”
“Please excuse my daft friend,” Jimmy said. “If you could choose for us, that would be great.”
“OK, but I don’t want to hear any complaints if you don’t like my choices,” the girl laughed and wagged a finger at Jimmy.
“Promise: no complaints,” Jimmy said. “By the way, I’m Jimmy. This is my sister, Margaret. The ugly guy is her boyfriend, Clovis, and that is William,”
“I’m Mandy,” the girl said. She spun and walked to the back of the restaurant and through the swinging doors to the kitchen.
“That filly is bloody beautiful!” Jimmy commented when she had left.
“Oh no, Jimmy’s in love! Look at that glassy gaze like he’s just been sucker-punched. The lad’s been smitten,” Clovis laughed.
“Really, Jimmy?” William asked. “She’s got no diddies, and her backside is as flat as stale beer.”
“Shut up, William!” Margaret exclaimed. “So, what if she doesn’t look like the bovines that you used to date in Sheffield? Different cultures have different body types. If Jimmy thinks she’s beautiful, then she’s beautiful. You are such a tool, William!”

“Just jokin’,” William grinned. “Don’t get all serious, Margaret. You should just be delighted that we followed you on this bonkers journey to the other side of the planet.”
“And what would you be doin’ if you dinna follow Margaret and stayed home?” Clovis asked. “Dealing with the prejudices of the bloody Settled Folk and facing a life of no hope?”
“Chill the feck out!” William exclaimed. “J-o-k-i-n-g! I was joking!”
The dim sum started arriving: wicker baskets of translucent steamed shrimp dumplings, squares of fried turnip cakes with bits of sausage, fluffy white barbecue pork-stuffed buns, rolled rice noodles filled with shrimp and drizzled with soy sauce, meat balls simmered with tofu skins, and steamed pork ribs. The waiter tossed the baskets of dim sum on the table like a card player throwing down a losing hand.
“This stuff is really good!” William said as he stuffed his face. “Way different than the Chinese food back in Sheffield.”
Mandy stopped at their table on her way to deliver a pot of tea to another group. “How is everything?” she asked.
“It’s brilliant! Thanks for the suggestions, Mandy,” Jimmy effused.
“Hey, Mandy, I have a dim sum question for you,” William announced. All eyes turned towards him. Jimmy sensed that somewhere in the ethereal realm of the Universe a pendulum with a very sharp blade had just been released and was now speeding with bad intentions towards their table. His stomach convulsed.
“Yes? What is your question?” Mandy asked.
“What’s the restaurant’s record for how many of these shrimp dumplings someone can get in their mouth? Six? I’ll bet it’s six.  If I can beat that, what would you give me? Would you put my photo on the wall?” William asked.
“Your photo? I don’t understand,” Mandy said.
William started shoving dumplings in his mouth. His cheeks expanded until he looked like Luis Armstrong blowing his horn. At eight dumplings, he proudly held up eight fingers. Then he tried for nine. His eyes suddenly widened with the realization that he had exceeded the threshold of what was physically possible. William jumped up and turned his head away from the table as his mouth exploded like Mount Saint Helens. The adjacent tables were sprayed with partially chewed dumplings. Chairs fell as people jumped from their seats screaming Cantonese curses. Chopsticks flew and tea spilled. People pointed fingers at the Westerners. King Kong came running from the kitchen and was on William immediately, beating him with a wooden ladle as she called to the heavens to send down Yen Lo Wang, the death god, to rip William’s innards out through his anus.
Jimmy, red-faced, turned to Mandy, “Sorry.”
“Just get out,” Mandy said, pointing to the door.
Margaret slapped some money on the table and said, “Time to leave, lads.”
Jimmy said again to Mandy, “I am so sorry.”
“Get out,” Mandy replied. “Go.” 


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With a serial killer out to prove the curse is real, will Ray and Johanna’s future be drowned in the ghostly waters of the past?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020


Deadly Legends
A Boxed Set feat. Silent Echoes and Silent Obsession
by Melissa Bourbon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
National Bestselling author Melissa Bourbon brings dark twists to two Latin-American urban legends guaranteed to keep you up into the wee hours. With riveting suspense, sigh-worthy romances with heart-stopping heroes, beautiful writing, and characters that jump off the page, these thrilling romantic suspense novels will have you believing in curses and ghosts. 
For the first time, Silent Echoes and Silent Obsession are together in this boxed set. Get ready for a thrill-ride…
Silent Echoes 
Something deadly waits in the shadows…
On a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old son.
Then Delaney returns to San Julio, and the past comes rushing back… along with the silent echoes of that night so long ago. Livestock are dying. Some say coyote, but others whisper another darker word. Chupacabra. Bloodsucker.
The past hasn’t disappeared – nor has the instinctive desire that snaps and crackles between Delaney and Vic. And as those emotions ignite, so does the evil that hibernated for the last twelve years. The evil that waited for Delaney to return to San Julio… and to Vic Vargas.
Silent Obsession 
Johanna Rios is a woman whose past has come back to haunt her.
The ghost of la Llorona is said to haunt the riverbanks, always searching for her drowned child. She also haunts high school teacher Johanna Rios, whose own mother believed so deeply in the legend she tried to drown her daughters. And now the ghost has become real, a young woman murdered, and the safe world Jo created is falling apart.
Since returning home from his last tour of duty to become a school principal, Ray Vargas has fought his attraction for his employee, the sensual woman who’d once been the girl next door. But the Llorona Killer will not stop until he claims his final victim—Johanna—and Ray will do anything to protect the woman he’s come to love.
With a serial killer out to prove the curse is real, will Ray and Johanna’s future be drowned in the ghostly waters of the past? Or will the power of their love give them the strength to stop a killer…and heal their wounded hearts…?
Goodreads * Amazon
Melissa Bourbon, the author of the Magical Dressmaking Mysteries (A Seamless Murder, A Killing Notion, A Custom-Fit Crime, Deadly Patterns), sometimes answers to her Latina-by-marriage name, Misa Ramirez. She gave up teaching middle and high school kids in northern California to write full-time amid horses and Longhorns in north Texas. She fantasizes about spending summers writing in quaint, cozy locales, has a love-hate relationship with yoga and chocolate, is devoted to her family, and can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be living the life of her dreams.
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads
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Betrayed by mind or body, these people struggle to survive in a grim world that takes no pity on the weak (Adult)

Thursday, November 9th, 2017
Not Damaged
Andy Peloquin
Dark Fantasy Short Stories
from Weakness
becomes Power
call them disabilities, but for others they are gifts:


– A
voiceless child painting visions of death.

– A killer with a
deadly message plagued by a burden of guilt.
– A priestess
divinely empowered to absorb others’ pain.
– A soldier fighting
for courage in the face of fear.
– A broken warrior-priest on a
mission of vengeance.
– A thief desperate to escape the burden of
his memories.
Betrayed by mind or body, these people struggle to
survive in a grim world that takes no pity on the weak. Yet they will
discover that they are simply different, not damaged.
collection of dark fantasy short stories will keep you turning the
page as you experience life through the eyes of the


Pick up this uniquely heart-wrenching
book today because you want to feel what it means to live with a


Readers Are Saying:


collection of stories keeps you engrossed right through to the end. –

stories about people trying to overcome, or at least come to terms
with, the hardships of their lives. Worth the read! – T.E.


is one of those books that leaves you wanting more. – S.S
* Amazon
am, first and foremost, a storyteller and an artist–words are my
palette. Fantasy is my genre of choice, and I love to explore the
darker side of human nature through the filter of fantasy heroes,
villains, and everything in between. I’m also a freelance writer, a
book lover, and a guy who just loves to meet new people and spend
hours talking about my fascination for the worlds I encounter in the
pages of fantasy novels.



provides us with an escape, a way to forget about our mundane
problems and step into worlds where anything is possible. It
transcends age, gender, religion,race, or lifestyle–it is our way of
believing what cannot be, delving into the unknowable, and
discovering hidden truths about ourselves and our world in a brand
new way. Fiction at its very best!



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Twitter * Google+
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A Devil In Hong Kong???

Monday, October 10th, 2016
David Harris Lang, a current resident of Hong Kong, has lived and worked in Asia much of his life. Besides being a prolific author of Asian-based thrillers, he is an international architect who brings an indelible sense of place’ to his writing as well as a deep understanding of Asian cultures, locales, and customs. His vivid fight scenes come from a life-long practice of the martial arts. A Devil in Hong Kong is David Lang’s third book.
Q&A With the Author: 
Do you have a favorite author?
Stephen King is definitely my favorite. From word-one he has me hooked.
What is one piece of advice you could give to a new author that you wish someone had
passed to you?
Just sit down and write, every day. Don’t listen to critics or people telling you it’s too difficult.
Write for you.
Connect With the Author Here:
 ~ Website ~ Amazon ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook ~
On a snowy day in the year 889, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty had an epiphany: he was not immortal. His jade carver created the most beautiful jade burial suit in history, finishing just three weeks before the Han Emperor died. When the priceless two-thousand-year-old jade burial suit suddenly goes missing in modern Hong Kong, a brutal competition to find it ensues between rival Chinese, Burmese, and Japanese factions. As they battle for the priceless artifact, a psychotic killer with a Maori tattoo on his face surfaces leaving a trail of dismembered corpses strung together like traditional Burmese puppets. Detectives Ian Hamilton and Angela Cheung follow a trail of hacked bodies and terror through contemporary Hong Kong in their search for the killer.
~Amazon ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon UK ~ 
~ Amazon Canada ~ Amazon Australia ~


“Right, Liquid Hero. National eliminations are going
to be held right here, dude. Anaheim Convention Center. You should do it!”
“Entry fee is $200.00, Scott. Don’t have the bones.”
Carl said as he reached into a crumpled, grease-stained paper bag and pulled
out a French fry.
“You could get the smack easy, Dude. Lame-gamers pay
big dinero to people like us for weapons and armor and shit. You know that
Sword of Wuhan that you captured in ‘Wasted Souls’? You could sell that bad boy
for big bucks. What about the Invisibility Armor from ‘Blood Bath’ you got when
you killed the giant Kappa? You can sell lots of shit like that online to
lame-o’s.” Scott said.
“Selling virtual crap for real money, I heard about
it. ‘The Man’ Maniero comes up with a plan! Not bad!” Carl said.
“How do you think I’ve been funding all that E we been
rollin’ with, dude? Selling virtual weapons online is how!” Scott said as he
rummaged in the breast pocket of his plaid shirt. He removed a plastic medicine
bottle, and then wiped his Doritos stained fingers on his jeans.
“Which, by the way, we should partake thereof. Let’s
get mundo-level high and play some ‘Quake III’.”
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The Revenge of Thelma Hill, Halloween chills and thrills by Margot Finke

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Margot, is so nice to meet you. How long have you been writing?

ME small

I have been writing forever—yet only with an eye to publication for about 20 years.
Tell us where you were born and where you live now.

I was born in Bendigo (a gold mining town) in Victoria, Australia, but I grew up in the tropics of Queensland. I married an American, and we came to live in Oregon USA with our three kids, many years ago.

Wow. How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?

If an idea come to me in the dark (more…)