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In Strange Girls, twenty-one authors dare to tackle what makes the girls in this collection different. Vampires, selkies, murderous mermaids, succubus, and possessed dolls take center stage in these short stories

Friday, March 6th, 2020


Strange Girls
A Women in Horror Anthology
with stories selected by Azurra Nox
Genre: YA Horror
For fans of American Horror Story, Shirley Jackson, and Creepshow.
You know them. Those girls that aren’t quite like everyone else. Those girls who stand out in the crowd. Those girls that dare to be different. Those girls are dangerous.
In Strange Girls, twenty-one authors dare to tackle what makes the girls in this collection different. Vampires, selkies, murderous mermaids, succubus, and possessed dolls take center stage in these short stories that are sure to invoke feelings of quiet terror and uneasiness in the reader. Following the successful debut of Women in Horror anthology with My American Nightmare, Strange Girls is the sophomore effort to showcase these talented women in a genre that is often dominated by the male gaze.
Dare to take a walk on the dark side.
Stories in the Anthology:
24 Hour Diner by Charlotte Platt
Sideshow by Jude Reid
The Doll’s House by Alyson Faye
Blood by Red Claire
Self-Portrait with Pears by Rachel Bolton
Personal Demons by Angelique Fawns
Friends with Benefits by E.F. Schraeder
Night Terrors by Angela Sylvaine
The Girl Who Never Stopped Bleeding by Sam Lauren
Leda and the Fly by Marnie Azzarelli
Jenny’s Bobo by Hillary Lyon
Extinguishing Fireflies by Rebecca Rowland
The Eyes of the Dead by Danielle R. Bailey
My Mirror Wife by Ash Tudor
Pattern of Faerytales by Azzurra Nox
Campfire Tales: The Bloody Rings by Emma Johnson-Rivard
Cracked by Regan Moore
Angel of Death by Phoebe Jane Johnson
Her Garden Grows by Maxine Kollar
Revival by Madison Estes
A Song Only She Can Hear by Wondra Vanian
Tribal Influence by Erica Ruhe
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Born in Catania, Sicily, Azzurra Nox has led a nomadic life since birth. She has lived in various European cities and Cuba, and currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Always an avid reader and writer from a young age, she loved entertaining her friends with ghost stories. She loves horror movies, cats, and a good rock show. She dislikes Mondays and chick-flicks. CUT HERE, her debut paranormal urban fantasy was inspired by a nightmare the writer had a few years ago. Some of her favourite authors include Anne Rice, Oscar Wilde, Chuck Palahniuk, and Isabella Santacroce.
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Window of Time, Romantic, Paranormal, Suspense

Friday, January 15th, 2016

1) What makes you passionate about writing?

I’ve had stories stuck in my head since I was a little girl. When I wasn’t reading, I was daydreaming. I didn’t start writing until I was an adult, but once I started I can’t stop.

Debra in blue signing contract 2012 - Version 4

2) Do you have a writing routine?
I don’t have a set time to write. In fact, this past summer and fall I haven’t been able to write anything, I’ve been so busy with family. But I promised myself that as soon as the holidays were over I’d write 100 words a day, at least, hoping it will lead to more.

3) What genre does your book fall under?
WINDOW OF TIME is a Paranormal Romantic Suspense.

4)What is the title of your book?
My most recent book is called WINDOW OF TIME.


5) Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? (more…)

“Emerine’s Nightmare”

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Anna del C. Dye, as a YA author of High Fantasy and she makes sure her books have high standards and are fit for the whole family.


One day a challenge to write a fairy story was placed and she wondered if she could write a book about fairies, since all her book were about elf. “Amerine, Fairy Princess” was the result of that thought. This story, with a girl as a main character, received “Fiction Second Place” in the Oquirrh Contest that same year.

Then she wanted to try and see if she could convert it to have a boy as the main character and “Fairy Prince” was born. There are many books were the main character is a girl especially in fairy tales. So she wanted to be a different story with a boy fairy and see if she could reach more boys with this book. In this form, the story received First Place in the Absolutely Write First Page Contest.
When the moment to publish it came, she changed the name to “Emerine’s Nightmare”. “Fairy Prince” would sound to much like a book with gay characters and this book has nothing to do with any of that.



Here is the back cover blurb:

What would you do if one night, life as you know it changes and you are left alone in despair? That is how Emerine’s nightmare starts and now all he does is run.
His family lived at the edge of the forest until dark shadows killed them all. Now they want him, and so does a magic tree. He has never seen dark shadows or enchanted trees before. Emerine has to get to the heart of Red Forest, to the fairy people. Only then he will be safe. Safe? He has never heard of

fairies before and once he gets there what?

This is the beginning of the book:

In the early dawn, while a dense fog covers the light that should have brightened the new day, I, Emerine, sit at the edge of a quiet pond. Engulfed in the wet blanket of air that threatens to suffocate me, my mind focuses on how everything has changed from just a few days ago.
It’s been two weeks since we left our home nestled at the edge of the forest. Only three days have passed since the tragic death of my father. That was just the beginning of my nightmare…because no matter how hard I think about it, there isn’t a reason the shadows should chase me…except that it’s all a really bad dream. One from which I’ll wake up at any moment.Reflections


The link to amazon:

Amazon-Emerine’s Nightmare

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes & Noble-Emerine’s Nightmare

Here are some compliments for Emerine’s Nightmare: 4*****

Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite said,

Author Anna Del C Dye once again brings readers a tale filled with mystical beings. Most of her books are much longer and the main characters are elves but in this children’s book, Emerine’s Nightmare, she focuses on the fairy folk.

The characters are interesting. Children will particularly identify with Emerine because of his age and his uncertainty over whom to trust. This book will appeal to children 9 through 15.

Margaret L. Turley RN,
Anna del C. Dye released her new fairy prince story: Emerine’s Nightmare.This unique book takes the reader deep into the forests of fairy world. Frightening shadows come to life. Emerine looses his home and both his guardians to dark creatures that aim to steal his power. He melds into a tree to hide from the enemy only to find out that the tree plans to keep him prisoner. As Emerine discovers his gifts, he learns that things frequently are not what the appear to be. He develops confidence and skills during his journey to find the fairy queen. This tale is bound to become a favorite for little boys, their sisters, parents and lovers of fantasy.

Mary Walling

This is a fantasy for children in the 4th-8th grade. My 9 year old grandson is in the 4th grade and one of his assignments is to read 20 minutes every day. We have been reading “Emmerine-Fairy Prince” together. He really likes it. The story has shown us how Emmerine has learned about how good versus evil and about the consequences that follow with the different choices that we make. He also learns about unconditional love. He learns about what real love between a mother and father is.

I loved this little book and recommend it to all children. I would also recommend that parents read this with their children to get the most of the meaning that has been written into this wonderful book.

Interview of Jennifer Latas the author of “Fall” a Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Jen, it is good to see you again. Tell us what is the title of your book?

The book is called FALL

Interesting … What genre does your book fall under?

It is a Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Oh we like paranormal reads. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I thought long and hard about that one and decided Natalie Portman should be (more…)