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How to promote your book, after you published it.

Sunday, August 7th, 2011
  1. Remember that the point of business cards and bookmarks is to draw people to your website for a sale.
  2. The purpose of your website is to sell your book. Have the book covers and back blurbs easily visible. Your author picture should be nice and professional looking. No beach shots, skimpy clothes, or camping pictures. A passport type with one color background works well.
  3. Your website should have new content at least once a week (more…)

Want a successful website?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Here are some great suggestions that have served me well.

1-    Make sure that you have the right colors in it.

No wild colors, they make you look irresponsible and provide too much chaos for the eye. You will lose most serious buyers. Blue conveys trust, yellow attracts the eye. It is all right to use three to four colors throughout. If you market for children you can use something more offish, but still don’t go overboard. It’s the parent you need to convince to buy your products.

2-    Watch the terminology you use.

If you use words that will identify you as an eighty-year-old, it may not greatly impress your younger buyers. Be professional and don’t use slang or mannerism.

3-    Have a nice professional looking picture. Not too big and not too small of a head shot (passport size works nicely.)

4-    Use words throughout the site that are eye catching and very searchable. This will bring more costumers to your site from search engines.

5-    Each page should have buttons that to call to action (Buy here) placed in the left hand upper corner.

6-    Make sure you have a page were you offer something for free or a message center.

People love freebies and they will trust you more if you give them something for free. Use this page to have all your visitors sign in and leave their emails. Use these emails to keep in touch with your possible costumers when you have something else to offer.

7-    Use top tabs to move from page to page.

Keep it simple if possible use one word on each tab. A semi-dark tone of yellow will make them stand out.

Have a virtual picture of your books prominently displayed.

8-    Be clear on what you are selling by using a catching phrase.

If you are selling books, say so on the main page above or below the picture of your books. (The greatest fantasy book since… or This technology book will change your future, etc.)

9-    A page for announcement or events can attract your fans.

10-  Make sure that you keep your site up to date. Change something on it every week.

This will keep your frequent visitors interested. Otherwise they will stop coming to your site.

This could list your events or add a blog that you need to update every week. Remember that blogs don’t need to be very big, in fact many people don’t have time to read long speeches. Go for fifteen lines and if you have more than that divide it in pieces and add the next installment the following week. Make sure you tell your visitors when you will publish the next piece and deliver it on time. (Very important)

11-  A page with links will help to push your website up on the list of millions that exist in the web.

Make sure you click in your links. If they are not working, contact the source and have them fixed as soon as possible. If they are no longer there, take them out.