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Would you chase a band of marauding ex-Confederates?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015


 is a Human Resources professional, adjunct professor and short story writer, Jim has had over 70 stories appear in print and online publications.

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 In this sequel to The Calling, Sheriff Luke Atwell and his deputies face individual and collective challenges from outlaws, gunfighters, renegade Indians, card sharps, and a thieving medicine show in a Kansas town in the 1870’s. The personal lives of the lawmen also change and nature takes its destructive toll on the town and its residents. When a black neighbor’s family is attacked and the oldest son killed, the sheriff gets the help of federal law enforcement and they chase a band of marauding ex-Confederates out to undo the changes resulting from the Civil War.

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AAuthor Top 10 
An Ill wind is the second in a series; a third is nearly done
The author was an avid rider but was thrown from a horse three times
Characters (besides the main ones) in book 0ne appear in book Two and new characters in book Two appear in the Third
While the vast majority of characters in Book Two are adults, child characters play an important role in book Two
While largely fiction, some of the events and people are true
The story is set in Kansas, but the writer has never been to the state
Women are strong characters not willing to play second fiddle to the men in their lives
One of the main characters, Peter, gets distracted by attractive women but still pines for a young lady killed by outlaws
Peggy, a main character once married to a failed business owner proves to be a successful store owner herself
Book one ends with the suggestion of a wedding; book Two opens with one


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The Serpent’s Head a SCI-FI/Western?

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Bryan Young author of The Serpent’s head is visiting today

Welcome Bryan. What makes you passionate about writing?


I’m passionate about telling stories. I’ve done it in many different forms, from comic books to film, but prose is the one I think I might like the most. It helps me communicate ideas and thoughts as a form of art. Besides that, I have to. I simply don’t have a choice.

Do you have a writing routine?
I do. I get up every morning and write from 5:30am to 7:30am or later. I do that because the phone isn’t ringing. People aren’t emailing me. The kids aren’t awake. It’s my time and no one elses.
What is the title of your book?
My most recent published novel is called “The Serpent’s Head”
What genre does your book fall under?
It is a Science-Fiction/Western
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I would love to see the lead character, Twelve, played by (more…)

Linda Weaver Clarke is the author of “A Family Saga in Bear Lake Idaho”

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Linda, you are the author of a historical sweet romance series called “A Family Saga in Bear Lake Idaho” that can be read by teens and adults alike. What was the inspiration behind the first novel?

In Melinda and the Wild West, I included one of my own experiences as a substitute teacher. An eight-year-old student had been labeled as a troublemaker by her teacher. The students had listened to the teacher and steered away from her, not wanting to be her friend. This not only made her feel degraded, but she wanted (more…)