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Reviewed by Mary Walling

Emerine's Nightmare

Excerpt from the book:

In the early dawn, while a dense fog covers the light that should have brightened the new day, I, Emerine, sit at the edge of a quiet pond. Engulfed in the wet blanket of air that threatens to suffocate me, my mind focuses on how everything has changed from just a few days ago.

It’s been two weeks since we left our home nestled at the edge of the forest. Only three days have passed since the tragic death of my father. That was just the beginning of my nightmare…because no matter how hard I think about it, there isn’t a reason the shadows should chase me…except that it’s all a really bad dream. One from which I’ll wake up at any moment.

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Reviewed by Vicki Firth


This was a really well written introspection and well worth the read. You will not be sorry if you read it!