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A Letter from the Author

       Hello, I am Anna del C., the author of The Silent Warrior
  Trilogy, a tale from medieval times full of courage, grief, love and
  war. Thank you for visiting my Web site. Welcome!
       "How did it all start?" you ask.
       Well, it began with my son urging me to read Tolkien's
  masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings. He was reading it, and would
  come to me and insist, "Mom, just read this part." Yup, you guessed
  it, I was hooked. When the movies came out, I could not believe
  the great job they did. It was everything I had imagined... even the
  actors who portrayed the characters were perfect. But once they
  were over, I found myself hungry for more...
       Was there any more to the characters' lives? When they returned
  home, who waited for them? What was it like to be an elf or a
  dwarf? My mind took me to my favorite character, Legolas. What
  would his family be like? What kinds of principles did elfs hold
  dear? How would elfs be better than mankind? Would Legolas ever
  find a woman to love? What would she be like?
       One day, I started to answer this question, and was fascinated by
  the elfin race that Tolkien had created. I related to my husband the
  tale I had woven, and he said, "Write it!" I answered, "I do not
  know how." He left the room, and returned shortly with a laptop.
  He showed me how to open the word processor, and said to me,
  "Start here." Thus, I continued to give life to this awesome people
  on every page of my books.
       And that is how Dellin, inspired by Legolas, met Adren in The
  Elf and The Princess, book one of The Silent Warrior Trilogy .
       I hope you like it as much as I do...
  Anna's signature