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Shahira & the Flying Elfs

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers'

Shahira and the Flying Elfs

Anna del C. Dye


"Shahira and the Flying Elfs" by Anna del C. Dye is one of several books written by this author on the topic of Elfs. Just reading how consistently and with such details she describes the Elfs, their strengths and weaknesses, their talents, their life style, and so on, one could almost believe she has actually spent time living with Elfs! This book is remarkably well written, and the story is an entertaining one. Shahira is an eaglet, one of the few remaining Old Ones, the Giant Eagles. She lives in the nest with her two parents and her younger brother. To Shahira's distress, her brother can fly just fine, but she is unable to do anything except fall, whenever she tries jumping from the nest. The other Old Ones wanted her father, Huntan, to kill her when she was young, because there was something "different" about her. But Huntan naturally refused, and so lost his position as head of the Eagle Council. Still, as she grew it became more and more apparent that she was different, and her younger brother, Younty, despised her for all the extra attention her father bestowed upon her.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
By Rachel Andersen
The best Fantasy I've Read this year.

Shahira and the Flying Elfs


Anna del C. Dye's Shahira and the flying Elfs rightfully fits on the epic Y.A. fantasy shelves along with Tolkein, Terry Brooks, and J.K.Rowling novels. It was a delightful read. The author placed me in the characters' hearts and minds and intimately acquainted me with their homes. I hope to see many more stories from this talented award-winning author.