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The Elf and the Princess

Map of the areas in the Silent Warrior

The Elf and the Princess:

Anna went through several steps (and a LOT of art) to arrive at the final products used in The Elf and the Princess. Use the links below to view the collections from all four stages.

Art In Development

While she worked, Anna wanted to have a firm impression of the characters she was writing about. She and other artists worked to create portraits of many of the characters. If you're wondering what they look they are!

Concept Art

Stage 1. This is basic computer illustration made with very basic software. This was art Anna provided to her artists to influence their minds along the path she wanted for The Elf and the Princess. This was the very first stage that culminated in the book's final artwork. See it here!

First Art

Stage 2. These were created by three different artists. Daniel Minson did most of them. Anna really liked some of his art, but it was inconsistent between him and the other artists, and none of them (including Daniel) felt up to tackling the whole project. See it here!

Final Art

Stage 3. This is the final art used in the book, The Elf and the Princess. The new illustrations were all done by Carlos Cruz, and the watercolor painting for the cover was created by Lois Moore. See it here!