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The Elf and the Princess

Cover Art from The Elf and the Princess

The Elf and the Princess Debuts

By George Clark

Out of a world of elfs, men, and orks, comes this brilliant new tale of adventure, warfare, and romance. Breakthrough author Anna del C. Dye brings new characters to life in the much anticipated release of her first novel, The Elf and the Princess.

This Tolkeinesque tale follows the rise of a mysterious warrior, who rises from obscurity to become the literal turning point in the fight for continued existence of both men and elfs. The warrior possesses a fury and might all his own, but is inexplicably mute. Who is he? Why does he fight so viciously? These are only a few of the questions that arise in the minds of the book's many characters.

Anna del C. Dye, the author of this book, did her research well. She even learned the art of medieval swordplay, through both study and practice. She might be a formidable opponent for Conan or He-Man, but don't expect such a duel to take place. One wonders how she would fare against her own Silent Warrior.

Swordplay aside, Anna's descriptions of the characters' inner conflicts, of the wondrous culture of the elfs, of the scenery, and especially of the military action and strategy in the numerous battle sequences make for a delightful read. The romance is charming, and the whole family is sure to love it. I encourage every home to own a copy of The Elf and the Princess.