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The Elf and the Princess

Cover Art from The Elf and the Princess

What Others Have to Say about The Elf and the Princess

Reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

The Elf and the Princess: The Silent Warrior Trilogy, Part 1

Anna del C. Dye


Being a big fan of fantasy, I was looking forward to reading part one of this trilogy. After the first chapter I became a little skeptical, thinking maybe this was intended for a much younger audience. What I instead found was that Anna del C. Dye had done an absolutely spectacular job at turning this into a book that lured both young and old readers alike. I think I can describe it best by comparing it to Harry Potter. With that series, any age group can read it and fall in love with it. This is the same for The Silent Warrior Trilogy; I loved it, my ten year old cousin would love it, and my mother would love it. This alone proves the immense talent of Anna del C. Dye.

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Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for 4/08

The Elf and the Princess The Silent Warrior Trilogy-Book One

Anna del C. Dye
Outskirts Press., 2008
5 Stars

The Elf and the Princess by Anna del C. Dye is book one in the The Silent Warrior Trilogy. The plot is a touch of medieval, suspense, and romance. The plot is the story of a kingdom divided. Seventeen-year-old Princess Adren of Menarm is the lead character. In a world where women were expected to take a lesser role, she trains to be a warrior and secretly battles alongside seasoned combatants. The Orks murdered her people and destroyed the beautiful city. Prince Paletin vowed to protect the girl he came to love like a daughter. When the Orks attacked Paletin's kingdom, the Elfs join the battle lead by Captain Dellin. Mystery surrounds the princess. 

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Reviewed by Dr. Tami Brady for TCM Reviews

The Elf and the Princess

Anna del C. Dye
Outskirts Press. Inc
ISBN: 978-1-4327-1335-5
Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

On her sixteenth birthday, Adren's mother asked her what she wanted for a present. Adren's asked for sword fighting lessons. Adren was a natural. So for two years, the young girl trained day and night as a warrior.

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Reviewed by Jill Vanderwood for (Utah), April 16, 2008

The Elf and the Princess

Anna del C. Dye
Cover Art by Lois Moore
Illustrations by Carlos Cruz

Spellbound and Wishing for More

In her debut title, The Elf and The Princess, Anna Del C. Dye weaves a tale of secrets, mystery, love, war and high fantasy.

Her characters are endearing, as the reader becomes entertwined with their lives and their tales of joy and woe.

My favorite part was the love story of the elf and the princess. Princess Adren is so close to her one love, the elf Dellin, but yet so far.

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